Monday, October 22, 2007


Well the Vastpark beta is starting up, and I'm downloading the client now. Can't wait!
As of now only the Creator software is available, but that's the part I want to use anyway. Stay tuned for information about ways to get custom content into the platform.


Anonymous said...

having a hard time getting Vastpark to install properly. You need to installe the Microsoft .Net 3 framework, and it's crashing during installation every time. I even dl'd the whole archive to just install it from the disk, but no luck.

Anonymous said...

also, need to track down information about the .x format, i think it's nvidia's , that objects and characters will be experted as.

-this is all me talking, (drO), just didn't want to make a new post on the same topic

Anonymous said...

.x format is DirectX...

What version of windows are you running? You need Windows XP with SP2 and above to install the .Net 3

Anonymous said...

I had windows do an update, but I'm still getting the error. It's saying that there are no files in the temp folder that it's looking for. I'll see if there's a full archive of sp2 to download.

I get the same message that this guy talks about


Anonymous said...

-No Files-