Sunday, October 28, 2007

What other formats are out there?

After reading the very cool yet sadistically teasing Metaplace blog post, wanted to see what other people thought of the formats that get used in different 3D worlds, and add my opinions too, hehe.

Some of this info is rehashed from other articles, but this is more of a general opinion thing that I posted on the Metaplace forums.

Collada - This feels like a natural fit, with 3D warehouse allowing you to download models in the collada format. I'm not sure about support for skeletal animation though, or if it embeds textures, need to do more research. Raph hinted at this format in an interview.

OBJ+BVH - Used by Ogoglio, openCroquet, and SecondLife. Obj is pretty straightforward, and the skeleton is contained in the bvh file(with the keyframes) The skinning is done in the client. Feels like an ass-backward way to do it.

Unreal formats - Quick and easy to use out of Maya, don't know about other packages. Costs $$$ to use commercially.

DirectX .X - Will be used by Vastpark(I think). Not a lot of documentation about it on the web. The sdk is a big(ish) download too, might not be the most accessible to everyone.

I do worry a bit about the size of some of the 3D models people are going to include in their worlds once a 3D viewer comes available.

What else do people use?

Forgot about Motionbuilder's FBX format, maybe out of some mental block from using Motionbuilder heavily lately. It's just been letting me down when it comes to some of the most basic tasks.


Anonymous said...

is a good place to get even more BVH motion files

TrevorFSmith said...

Ogre's 3D format is a passable choice, as well.