Friday, November 30, 2007

Male model for Tomorrowspace by Transmutable

I'm creating some 3D artwork for Trevor Smith of Transmutable, the man behind the Ogoglio platform, a web-based 3D virtual space. I'm really excited about the potential of the Ogoglio platform, so here is a preview of one of the character models.

I'm using some free refrence art from:

This is still a work in progress, created for Tomorrowspace, the first in a line of applications based on the open-source Ogoglio. I'm really proud to be involved this early in the development.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Harlan Ellison says Pay the Writer

You go Harlan, take it to them.

A memorable (and timely) rant from the upcoming feature documentary on Harlan
Ellison, "DREAMS WITH SHARP TEETH". Go to for
more excerpts!!

This rings true in quite a lot of fields actually, I spent 5 years as an educator and it took a lot to convince students and new graduates to value their own work. I'm guilty of doing freebies myself to build a business, but that was back when I was trying to get my business going.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Adjusting Blogger Width

I've been trying to adjust the center section of this thing to make it a bit wider and it's such a pain in the ass. I guess I'm just spoiled by graphical interfaces, so all of this playing with numbers and pixels is driving me nuts.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Finding Focus

I've been getting a feel for this blog thing, and while part of me sees it as just a more involved form of Twitter there's also an opportunity to serve a purpose. So what purpose am I going to serve?

Well I like movies and games, and I like 'making stuff.' I used to teach at a University. I work in the VFX industry, and I love game Modding.

So there it is, going to be talking about mods and moddable game engines, link to people's tutorials, and create my own tutorials based on what seems to be missing.

Unreal Tournament 3

Wow i had set my Unreal Tournament addiction aside until today. Wow it's just looking great, and the new Kismet tool is amazing. It's releasing in NZ November 31 on the PC, which is what I'll get, hopefully I can get the special edition. This is going to be great. I jsut don't know if I should buy it while I'm at home in Texas visiting, or while I'm still here in NZ.... Crap!

Here are some sites that I'll be following.
Beyond Unreal
Skin City

Here's some info on Kismet
Arcadia Vincennes' Tutorials

This is definitely going to keep me busy until Metaplace and Vastpark are further along. Happppyyyy days.

Upcoming Article Ides:

Upcoming Article Ides:

Finding Focus
- More about what this blog is shaping up to be about. Content creation, mods, and custom graphics.

Why we mod
- a look into the mind of a modder and thoughts about what's to come for us.

Content Creators in the New Net.
- Globalization affects us all, and I'll be analyzing how smaller contentcreators wil be trying to keep up in an environment of free, cheap, and easily available product.

Another Mad Scientist Profile
Gotta have some fun, I feel too stuffy sometimes.

What do you want to know?