Thursday, February 28, 2008

How do you consume the media, or does it consume you?

There's a good discussion going on over at Raph's website concerning the death of PC gaming, and how the economy is going to affect digital vs phisical distribution. Here is what i think of it all.

We bought a Wii because the games offer more appealing options for my wife and I to play together, and it's cheaper. The graphics are fine. There's a baby coming, so you can forget about the PS3 or 360 until it's cheap on ebay. I'll buy any fun WiiWare game that's fun and under 800 points, to show love to small and indie developers.

I still like PC games, but don't buy them much, can't run half of the new ones anyway even on my kickarse Boxx dualcore/quadro (Oblivion fire particles, I'm looking at you.), and I'm willing to wait for the price to go down or get it used. (sorry pro devs). Games are a lot more expensive in New Zealand, and we can't buy from Direct2Drive last i checked. I'm a sucker for paypal though, hit my needs for $19.99 or less and you'll have me.

I'll probably buy the Orange Box at some point, but I've already purchased/played through Halflife2, so I don't know... Rome & Mideival2 Total War are very cool.

Unless we really really want to see a movie, we usually wait to rent a movie on DVD, or until it hits the movie channel.

I still buy music CDs, call me old fashioned. I like having a DVD on the shelf.

Books don't need DRM. There are a lot of great stories out there, and they cost less than anything else.

TV series? rent the whole season and watch in a big gulp. (Same with comic books and trade paperbacks.)

If someone ports Heroes of Might and Magic to Flash, Metaplace or Wii, my wife will buy it. Fun accessable games with 'hotseat' turn-based play, not a bad idea, what ever happened to those? My buddies and I used to play a lot of games like Warlords II and, what was it, Fantasy Realms or something, a D&D strategy game by SSI. Civ turns got too long and involved, Dominions2 is awesome if you can fly a jumbo jet while doing a rubic's cube.(I'm talking about hotseat multiplayer with a group of friends in the same room here, not single player. With singleplayer i'd play those games until 3am if i wasn't getting too old to stay up.) Mario Party? The computer always cheats. Always.


TrevorFSmith said...

For video we've stopped using the TV and switched to a combination of Hulu and iTunes movie rentals.

For games... well we don't play games. We have a wii because it saved us during a thanksgiving holiday with family, but it hasn't been turned on in months.

Every once in a blue moon I'll buy a CD for a trip in the car, but I have a large mp3 collection and I random play it or listen to itconversations podcasts.

Most of my info intake is through google reader, bbc news, and twitter links.

drOffset said...

Fair enough. My thing with the digital video is that you have to wait for the thing to download, move the computer to the TV room, change out the cables, pffft, already lost me. Our satellite thing is called Sky, so we can also call Sky Movies and do some stuff on demand in a pinch.

We're not really into planning ahead on movie watching, and need a solution for when we randomly say "let's watch a movie." Which is where a good DVD collection shines. I guess the digital thing would work if we invested in the setup, but i can't be bothered at the moment.

I love playing games, I don't like television. I read a lot of novels for my escapist needs.

News is definitely better from the net, I have a lot of sources i go to to try to piece together a solid picture of an event. In the time it takes to do a newscast segment I've already scanned several articles and moved on.

TrevorFSmith said...

iTunes rentals can now start playing after a short buffer period, which for us is about 2 minutes. At $3 or $4 it's cheaper than our local video store and more convenient. The major downside is the selection, which is paltry when compared to a good indie video store.

We started using the laptop for video (not hooked up to the TV) when we had the kid and needed to keep the noise level down. Now we have headphones on a splitter and we rest the laptop on an ottoman in front of the sofa. It's not ideal, but just handy enough for our occasional movie nights.

I know a couple who have a huge HiDef set which they point at a nature channel and use as a soothing backdrop to their laptop screens. So they're both in easy chairs surfing the net or gaming with huge images of deserts or gorillas in the background. It's very funny to see.