Friday, February 1, 2008

Metaplace Screenshots and link to transcript

And here are those screenshots I promised, with built in dissection and commentary, so we can all geek out on how the graphics might have been done:

Other sites only have one metaplace screenshot. I have four, because I rock like that.

A chat room, ok, fair enough, it's alpha. It is using the metaplace flash client though, so that's pretty interesting. And it was loading up some graphics, where's all that?

Huh? Youtube in the client? Wait...huh? You can do that?

Holy Smokes, check that out. Nowww it's getting interesting, we see 3d avatars in a 3D space, dialog bubbles, some irc-esque functions, but in a visual way.

The only avatar available today was a girl, but more are on the way. We can see that some work went into the animations, there was an idle and a walk in four directions. I'm curious how many people will find it accesable to create 3d avatars and all their animations, but you don't really have to. Since it's all prerendered it's just an image, isn't it? So 2D animators would have an easy time of it. I wonder how a toonBoom studio->metaplace process would go down, i'd love to do a game like the old-school SCUMM adventure games.

That too, what the...

Ok i can see myself building a whole environment for my own little world thing, maybe a tiki bar type of thing, or an alien planet. I'm assuming that is just a single background image, so you could go nuts with the graphicage. Overlay on top of that little animated elements like grass blowing and flags waving, maybe some torches, hmmm...

Anyway, we'll have to see how things progress, and what other goodies the Metaplace team lets out into the open. Until then!

What do you think of the look? Leave a comment!

Oh yeah, and Massively blogs it here.

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