Tuesday, February 19, 2008

So yeah, how's it going?

Haven't posted anything in a while. Let's see, what's up with me lately?

Did another sonogram, the baby and Momma are doing really well. I should post a picture at some point.

Completed the task with Transmutable, the male and female characters are built and ready to go, and are also released under a Creative Commons license. I should post a picture at some point. Maybe even make the models available through this site, but it's available through the Ogoglio.com sourceforge thing.

Got into the A.Viary Beta, it's ok, photoshop on the web, i'll have to produce something cool with it to get access to the cooler features. Fair enough. If I do create something cool with it i'll post a picture at some point.

Got into the Twinity Beta. All you can do at the moment is walk around an apartment and place furniture. Can't import anything yet. Not sure if I can post a picture at this point.

Played around with sculpted prims coming out of maya into SL, have a nice selection of shoes and hats, might set up a shop with friends. Sculpted prims are the stupidest idea in 3D. It's like a cross between making balloon animals and sculpting with sausage. But hey, i'm a bored 3D expert and need an outlet... When the products are ready I'll post a picture at some point.

We bought a Wii ! I've already begun the mad dash to buy up the cheap games and download Virtual Console games. Making my way through Super Mario 64 again, i looove that game. Might get into Ocarina of Time.

Shaved my goatee off, so now i'm bare-faced. There will be no pictures.

A lot of other stuff is going on as well that wouldn't interest you.

There's a band called Iron and Wine, have you heard of them? They're coming to play in Wellington where i live, which is funny because the lead guy Sam Beam used to be an instructor of mine when I was in film school. Small world, eh?

Yup... And what are you up to?


TrevorFSmith said...

Early Iron and Wine are in heavy rotation on my iPod. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...