Sunday, March 30, 2008

Facebook, Fencing, Skins, and U

Metaplace is now on Facebook!
It connects to the same world that the myspace and metaplace forum apps do, so I hope people get into using this.

En Garde (a game in Second Life I did the animations for,) Screenshot featured at Massively.
Click on the Image to go the gallery.

Check out the tournament schedule here.

Plenty of Metaverse U videos
Raph Koster
Randy Farmer (Oracle)
Trevor Smith

MiaSofia blog heating up, check out the new Hot Rod male skin in Second Life

MiaSofia Blog
Visit MiaSofia HQ

Come around here often?

I use the Google Analytics thing and it makes me curious. What is it that brings people to this blog? Some of the incoming sites seem to be google and google images, and i see a varitety of keywords being used. Some people like to look at the animated gifs, which makes me wonder if someone's hotlinking to them. Others are looking at the articles about obj/bvh, so I think i might need to expand upon those topics.

What are you interested in?

Lately I've been doing art but not really posting it on the web. I'm involved in a couple of personal projects that I'll hopefully be able to talk about at some point(MP).

Anyway I'll post some stuff about my Second Life projects, including the sculpted prim and animation stuff I'm doing. Stop by the sim called Hwang, that's where my land is.

Search Places for "En Garde! Free to play! " For a taste of a game I helped create.
Search Places for " MiaSofia " to meet two cool ladies that have built a great place to party.

And let me know what brings you here!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Frappr Map and Drawing widget !

Many thanks to the people who have placed pins on the new Frappr map on this page. I didn't realize people actually came here! It's really cool thing to see that, so I'm going to look for more little collaborative things that you can click on. Suggestions are welcome.

There's also a cool little drawing widget for you to use.

Somehow I ended up with 20 pins from 'unknown location' and they all defaulted to Wichita Kansas, so i had to delete them. Apologies to the person from San Diego, in the flurry of pin deletions yours got caught in the crossfire.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

daily sketches

A couple of things today:

First a sort of cross between a dolphin, a snake, and a detached eyeball. I like eyeballs.

Also, I'm building some 2d-style characters in 3d. Here is the source art and where the 3d is at the moment.

Funny thing, because you lose a bit of the character when it goes over to 3d, so I'm playing around with some ways to break up the outline and make it look more hand-drawn and spontaneous.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Thursday, March 13, 2008

3 Daily sketches

Trying to draw more often, been lost in another world, so to speak.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Metaplace News - Raph releases a Wall Building Tool

The good folks at Areae gave us a tool today to wet our appetites while the Metaplace platform cooks. It's an isometric wall builder, the current version is 0.41.

More info here:

Gallery Here:

Here are some early experiments with the tool that I've done, hope you like:

Angle 2:1(45)
Thickness 5%
Height: 256
I put 1-pixel wide lines at the half and third marks.
I know they look huge but each one is only 4-6kb, so there's a bit of breathing room.
img img img

img img img img img img img imgimg img img

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Metaplace News - Uberspace Stress Test

Announced today, the Metaplace team will be doing another preview on Saturday.
This time we get to play a space shooter!

Details at the Metaplace site:

Tomorrow Space: Open for Business

You wanted easy 3D on the web? Well here it is, and it's lovely. Trevor Smith from Transmutable announced today that Tomorrow Space is open for business. It even features my spiffy character work, you should check it out!


Tomorrow Space offers daily rentals of online event halls.

It takes 5 minutes to sign up, rent an event hall, and people can attend just by clicking a link from your blog, email, or IM.


This is all based on the open source Ogoglio platform available through the same site. It's a pretty cool start to what will grow into a popular service, so make sure you send Trevor an email hounding him for the features you want.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Why Wii Wins.

We met up with some friends while at a festival on Sunday. One of them had told the others about the bowling game on Wii Sports; ended up with 5 people at the house laughing at each other while going through the games. Just creating Miis for the new people was a good time. That's pretty impressive.

Just to make sure you understand the accomplishment, that means there were 3 pretty blonde European girls in my living room(including my wife) jumping up and down laughing...

TAke a moment to soak that in.

i mean come on, i don't think we would have had that much fun with a ps3 or xbox. i went to another party a while back where someone had a ps3, and it was the guys playing the fighting and racing games. The Wii managed to get the girls excited about the game *without pink ribbons and barbies*, and that's pretty good I'd say. My wife can get 7 strikes in a row. She pwns. I tend to veer to the left for some reason.

In fact my wife and her friend have spent Hours trying to beat Resident Evil:Unbrella Chronicles, and she can do headshots(I should tell you the paintball story sometime.) No happy teddy bears in there, just zombie teddy bears.

Funny that the most fun was had with Wii Sports, the one that came with the console. We tried some of the other games but the friends weren't into it. Probably because they're snowboarders in real life, so they didn't see the point. The most fun was with Sports.

Sure i'd buy a ps3 and 360 if i could, but no regrets with the wii.

Zombie Teddy Bears...not a bad idea...