Sunday, March 30, 2008

Come around here often?

I use the Google Analytics thing and it makes me curious. What is it that brings people to this blog? Some of the incoming sites seem to be google and google images, and i see a varitety of keywords being used. Some people like to look at the animated gifs, which makes me wonder if someone's hotlinking to them. Others are looking at the articles about obj/bvh, so I think i might need to expand upon those topics.

What are you interested in?

Lately I've been doing art but not really posting it on the web. I'm involved in a couple of personal projects that I'll hopefully be able to talk about at some point(MP).

Anyway I'll post some stuff about my Second Life projects, including the sculpted prim and animation stuff I'm doing. Stop by the sim called Hwang, that's where my land is.

Search Places for "En Garde! Free to play! " For a taste of a game I helped create.
Search Places for " MiaSofia " to meet two cool ladies that have built a great place to party.

And let me know what brings you here!

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