Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tomorrow Space: Open for Business

You wanted easy 3D on the web? Well here it is, and it's lovely. Trevor Smith from Transmutable announced today that Tomorrow Space is open for business. It even features my spiffy character work, you should check it out!


Tomorrow Space offers daily rentals of online event halls.

It takes 5 minutes to sign up, rent an event hall, and people can attend just by clicking a link from your blog, email, or IM.


This is all based on the open source Ogoglio platform available through the same site. It's a pretty cool start to what will grow into a popular service, so make sure you send Trevor an email hounding him for the features you want.

1 comment:

TrevorFSmith said...

I don't know if "hounding" is the right word, but I'm definitely listening to what people want Tomorrow Space to become. :-)