Sunday, March 2, 2008

Why Wii Wins.

We met up with some friends while at a festival on Sunday. One of them had told the others about the bowling game on Wii Sports; ended up with 5 people at the house laughing at each other while going through the games. Just creating Miis for the new people was a good time. That's pretty impressive.

Just to make sure you understand the accomplishment, that means there were 3 pretty blonde European girls in my living room(including my wife) jumping up and down laughing...

TAke a moment to soak that in.

i mean come on, i don't think we would have had that much fun with a ps3 or xbox. i went to another party a while back where someone had a ps3, and it was the guys playing the fighting and racing games. The Wii managed to get the girls excited about the game *without pink ribbons and barbies*, and that's pretty good I'd say. My wife can get 7 strikes in a row. She pwns. I tend to veer to the left for some reason.

In fact my wife and her friend have spent Hours trying to beat Resident Evil:Unbrella Chronicles, and she can do headshots(I should tell you the paintball story sometime.) No happy teddy bears in there, just zombie teddy bears.

Funny that the most fun was had with Wii Sports, the one that came with the console. We tried some of the other games but the friends weren't into it. Probably because they're snowboarders in real life, so they didn't see the point. The most fun was with Sports.

Sure i'd buy a ps3 and 360 if i could, but no regrets with the wii.

Zombie Teddy Bears...not a bad idea...

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