Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wii Game Reviews

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles : My Life as King
WiiWare Title
It's fun to micromanage, but I would prefer to go more micro with the management.  It would be better to see adventurer battles recreted or even be able to participate in each encounter.  There's a good variety of buildings to unlock and build, but like most games you're unlocking some of the cooler stuff in the late game, so there's not as much time as I'd like to make use of every feature.  I completed the story of the game and the story was satisfying, but I don't think I'll be playing again.  The art was excellent, but if they wanted the King to look like a girl they should have just made him a girl.  I'd still play the game.  Chime, the king's personal assistant (ahem) shows a bit of skin, too bad the little king doesn't seem to appreciate it.

Lost Winds
WiiWare Title
Beautiful awesome lovely game.  Great looking with really responsive and fun controls.  Using the slipstream power with fire is pretty brilliant, I wish there was more of that.  In fact I wish there was more game to Lost Winds.  It felt like a tech demo, which is fine, but maybe the creators will get into some sort of episodic releases using the same world. I loved the final boss, and the creative ways the glorbs can take on different properties.  More !

Star Soldier R
WiiWare Title
There's a 2 minute mode and a 5 minute mode...and that's it.  No other levels...  wtf?  It did lead me to buy Super Star Soldier for the virtual console, but I wanted a lot more from this title. By the way, I am ranked #1 in New Zealand for the two minute mode(out of 7 players.)  That's right suckas.

Wii Fit
Fantastic.  I've already lost 0.6 kilos already, and it is a fun game.  I agree with Raph's desire to have more of a focused workout program, or even be able to program in my own sequence to have less browsing between events.  I like that certain activities go together and you get some nice feedback when completing a set, but I'd like to be able to select the set I want to do instead of having to remember to go looking for it.  This game had my wife laughing her ASS off at me doing the hula hoop.  She might as well have been stuffing dollar bills in my shorts, and she probably would have, but they use dollar coins here in NZ, and it might be a cold shock to the package... Sorry, too much information.

Wish List
-I'd LOVE to play a good nerdy turn based strategy title along the lines of Dominions II or Heroes of Might and Magic.  Someone PLEASE make one, or two, or more.
-I really want to see Life of the Party as a WiiWare title... Wishfull thinking?  I think so too.

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