Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm a Dad!

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I'm a Dad!

I'm not sure what the world record is for world's fastest baby delivery, but my beautiful wife made it happen in 2 hours and 10 minutes. I helped the doctor through the entire process and wow, I've never been turned into a blubbering mess like that before. Baby and Momma are doing great. I can't tell you how happy we are right now.

Needless to say, you may not see many updates here for a while.


TrevorFSmith said...

He's beautiful!

Congratulations and welcome to fatherhood, the most rewarding and tiring 'hood ever.

drOffset said...

I can't even describe it, but I'll try sometime. ;)

Bruce Joy said...


I'm on a similar journey: first time father. My little girl was born May 21. Best wishes on you all having great health and SLEEP!!

Bruce from VastPark.

drOffset said...

Thank you Bruce!
All the best to you and your family.
We're learning , so far I can change a nappy at 4am in low light and still be half asleep. Of course when i woke up I realized it was on his head, but it's a start. :)
just kidding...