Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sketchcast first impressions

Sketchcast is a web-based drawing tool that records your brush strokes and plays them back as an embeddable movie. I think the intended use is for businessmen and designers who want to illustrate their concepts for clients as a whiteboard. Of course I wanted to use it for quick creature sketching. Here is the result of my first try.

All in all this is a fun tool to use, but i think it can be taken further to really create a tool that people like me would flock to. I really wanted to be able to make brushes that are much larger than the three available, and i was desperate to have some transparency control over my stokes.

The makers of Facebook's Graffiti Wall really nailed the whole sketch tool idea with their simple but effective brush controls. The limited color palette was made up for by the inclusion of transparency. The ability to control the size of the brush, even just a solid circle, gives artists some great control over their work.

Sketchcast doesn't allow you to save your completed image as a jpg or png, which i find very surprising. Seems like a basic function to me, but i guess they really want to push the video option.

I think Sketchcast has a lot of potential, but needs a few more tools and functions to become something as addictive as Graffiti Wall.

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