Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What do you want from a virtual world? Do you even want one?

This is in response to a recent FriendFeed post by Scoble.

I love virtual worlds. They're my hobby, it sparks the game modder in me when I find a platform that I can edit and tweak to my needs. I'm just crafty like that.

I wonder what people look for in a virtual world experience? I look for building and customization tools, others want to socialize and be seen. Some people want the ability to play various games or visit unique environments. There have been discussions about whether Bartle's gamer types apply to virtual worlds and I think they really do. I actually don't see a whole lot of difference between goal oriented games and sandbox-type VWs, except that VWs can learn a lot about stability from game devs.

So the question is, what is your spec for a great virtual world? What would make you actually bother to jump into one, and what would make you stay?

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TrevorFSmith said...

I want a web based, decentralized, densely populated online city designed for creative collaboration.

But, you knew that already.