Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome President Obama !

I'm so happy right now.

Even though I'm living in a different country at the moment I can feel the positive vibe all over the place. Over here there's a tentative optimism, most of the 'others' I talk to are hoping President Obama is going to do a good job. They can see that he's intelligent and is surrounding himself with intelligent people.

For the Americans I talk to here it's like that relieved breath you take when that aching tooth is finally pulled out. The source of the hurt is out and while you still have a bleeding hole in your mouth you know that the situation is improving and you can get to work rebuilding your wellness.

For my part I don't expect him to solve every problem that exists but I do think he's going to do what he can to make a positive impact. There are some skeptics around who wouldn't trust anyone who's in the office, except that libertarian guy, but they aren't going to dull my good mood.

Instead I'm going to try to live up to the spirit of his call to action. Helping other people, setting a good example, appreciating what I have, not wasting my money on useless crap, saving money, build sound assets to make money, taking responsibility for and ownership of the state of my family's wellness, and promoting positive change in the community.

Good job my fellow Americans, we made something very good happen when we voted him in. But while we should expect President Obama to live up to his word, we'd better live up to our end of the bargain too.

Ok, that's it for the politics.
Peace !

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