Monday, March 23, 2009

Jools Holland interviews Sting (The Police)

Process process process. I'm infatuated with how people do things. I think I'm more interested in how people do things than how a thing is done. Does that make sense?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Edward Van Halen Interview 1982 Part 6

This is awesome, an old telephone interview from 1982 where Eddie reveals the first recording of "Jump" heard ANYWHERE, and it was just him on the phone talking to a writer from Guitar World magazine.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Lunetta CMOS Synth is Born

A lot has changed since this first article. I've learned more about electronics and refined the way I build these machines. I've even started documentation about the project with the help of

See this link to see all of my posts about these fun DIY machines.

I like to try new things here at the Creature Laboratorium. Lately I've dipped a toe into the world of electronic music and analog/digital synths. The main purpose was to learn how to control motors for my puppets (yes I'm still doing that) but it turned into making sound effects for the videos. Now I can't stop. The good people at have been really helpful in getting some projects going. I'll need to post pics and audio of my Atari Punk Console and the Wierd Sound Generator, but take a look at this. This is my Lunetta.

The basic idea of a Lunetta is to only use CMOS Integrated circuits, meaning the 4000 series. Sounds technical? Well sure, it is at first. You're basically taking the pins of the ICs and connecting them straight to jacks that you can connect together. There is no limit to the amount of bleeps and bloops this thing will make. I've broken from the guidelines a bit and started adding anything I've already made, a siren, some tone generators, a 555 timer. More on the way.

Here's a sample of what mine does. I haven't used any effects, just some editing and cross fades.

It may not look all that flash, but it's a screamer alright! I'll make a nicer enclosure once a few more modules are complete.

Check out The Electro-Music Lunetta forum for more info!

See this link to see all of my posts about these fun DIY machines.