Thursday, April 9, 2009

Metaplace Catch-Up - I have Beta Invites !

Wow how time flies. I was really involved in Metaplace from the mid-Alpha days and took a break from it to draw concept art and build puppets and make analog synths and renew my love for guitar. So I made it a point to go back to Metaplace and see how Raph and the gang were doing.

And yeah, it rocks.

So here's my av, I've made it up to Lvl 18 so far.

You earn points by using the various parts of the system. SO if you explore people's worlds, rate and comment on them, you get points, and coin.

How about a massive screenie!?!?

Here's a screenshot of the metaplace build tools:


There are toolbars and menus to create the various aspects of your world, and some of the elements are shown here. Animations are imported via spritesheets, here's an example of a spritesheet:



I create mine in Maya "cuz I is well 'ard." But you can use whatever software you want. I'll post some tutorials, tips and tricks as time goes on.

So you use those sprites, with some scripting, to create objects. Those are objects on the left hand side that I've made. It could be a chair or a character or wandering toilet. I've made a goblin, a sqronk (a little cute one-eyed monster of Raph's design) and some other goodies. I plan to sell them on the marketplace to make some coin.

Coin you say? I can sense all the SLers' ears perking up. Yes there is a marketplace where you'll be able to sell the things you make. I'm making animated art, monsters and energy style effects for people to import into their worlds. Here's what my items look like on the marketplace, just do a search for 'droffset'


Real Money Transactions (RMT) aren't happening yet, that's more down the track as the system gets going.

So when is OPEN BETA? The official answer is 'When it's ready.' But you can get an invite from me by sending me your email address! Join now!

I'm allowed to post info about the closed beta, so stay tuned for more MP coverage here at the Creature Lab.

In fact, why not join and visit my world?

For more coverage check out:

Lunarraid's video reviews and blog:
Lunarraid is a very creative guy who is doing some great coverage of the MP world.

Raph created Metaplace, check his site out too.

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