Thursday, April 9, 2009

Virtual World Discussion tomorrow - Emerging Trends in Game Development

Just got an email from Metaplace/SL user Herdpress:

You are cordially invited to attend the first group discussion to be held at my new world, Interval. Interval is a world created for the purpose of hosting cross-world group discussions that occur simultaneously within the virtual worlds of Metaplace and Second Life.

When: Friday, April 10th, 12:00PM PDT


Topic: Idea Exchange: Emerging Trends in Game Development.


This event will be an informal group discussion loosely led by Raph Koster, Adri Haik, and myself. We will present some trends that were discussed at GDC, discuss our experience with the trends, how we see them playing out, how they impact our work, etc, and we will take whatever opportunities we can to engage the audience and encourage group participation in the discussion.

Possible trends to discuss:
- Microcontent
- Social game development
- Free-to-play MMOs
- Engagement and retention

This event will be held simultaneously in Metaplace and Second Life. I will be in both virtual worlds simultaneously, but chatting (via text) through Second Life. Raph will be chatting from Metaplace. Adri will be chatting from Second Life. Attendees will participate from both virtual worlds and will include both people working within the virtual world/gaming industries and consumers interested in emerging trends in game development. You are welcome to invite anyone you like.

The event is brought to you courtesy of GSD&M Idea City.


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