Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Offset Groovtasticator - A Lunetta CMOS Synth

Originally uploaded by drOffset
This is the latest iteration of my DIY Lunetta CMOS Synth, it's based loosely on the Lunetta design principles defined at

It's a mix of old and new modules repackaged in a nice bookshelf thingy, the panels are about 10 inches high.

Top Row:
6x 40106 oscillators
555 timer
4040 divider
4094 shift register
4017 counter
4x each of NAND , NOR , XOR

Middle Row Needs Paneling:
Little 386 Amp with output to mp3 recorder
a coinflip cirtuit based on two 4011 VCOs
4017/4051 melodgy gen
3x R/2R dacs with 1 portamento to use the last opamp in the LM324
a panel of various resistor combinations for summing and cv

Bottom row....

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