Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More progress on my Lunetta CMOS Synth

Ok it has been to long....

Time for progress shots of my Lunetta CMOS Synth! As you know the concept of behind this machine is to use 4000 series logic chips wherever possible and to keep any invloved circuit as simple as possible in it's construction. Mine used to live in a cardboard box. That is slowly changing.

The panel work continues, and adding more modules as I go:
Top Row:
6x 40106 oscs
555 timer

Bottom Row:
Little Summers
3x R/2R DACs
1x Portamento
Space for the Simple Diode VCAs Richard64 linked to. (Will also do the other two he posted as panels.)
2x YAVCO (One so far)
2x NAND VCO (One so far)
2x 4051/4017 Melody Gens (One so far)
4 Channel Mixer with 1/4" out

And there's another shelf under this to fill.

Next up are some parts of my growing portable kit.

All the patching will be done with header leads and those cool breadboard connector leads that come in big bundles.

The Clockinator : 4 4093 PWM oscs hardwired to 4x 4040s
Shifty NAND Squid : Hardwired NAND > 4015s
NAND Photo Synth ! Just for fun. Output to guitar amp, finally a use for my phototransistors, plus these wierd momentary toggle switches i picked up along the way... More on that in another post.

Hope you like!

The wiring continues...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Funkadelic - Maggot Brain

Oh man....Wow.... A friend sent me this with the following text.

According to legend, George Clinton, under the influence of LSD, told Eddie Hazel to play the first half of the song like his mother had just died and to play the second half as if he had found out she was alive (other variants of the story suggest that he was simply told to play as if he had found his mother dead.) The result was the 10-minute guitar solo for which Hazel is most fondly remembered by many music critics and fans. Though several other musicians began the track playing, Clinton soon realized the power of Hazel's solo and faded them out so that the focus would be on Hazel's guitar (the band can only truly be heard during the end of the song, and even then, it is barely audible.) The entire track was recorded in one take.[1] The solo is played in a pentatonic minor scale in the key of E over another guitar track of a simple arpeggio. Hazel's solo was played through a fuzzbox and a wah pedal; some sections of the song utilize a delay effect. This style would be revisited later in Standing on the Verge of Getting It On on the track "Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts". The original version with full band accompaniment was released in 1997 on the album "Funkadelic Finest".