Sunday, September 20, 2009

Papecraft Blasts from the Past

Once upon a time there was a website called Paperworlds. It was an online community of people interested in miniature wargaming using handmade papercraft game pieces. I used to visit that site every day and participate quite a lot. Unfortunately that site died a few seperate times over the past few years despite valiant attempts to revive it. The community has scattered a bit, but there are still a few of the diehards not only keeping the artform alive but really advancing it.

It the spirit of Paperworlds here are some of the old gaming bits I let loose upon the world all those 2 years ago. This stuff is free to use for any non-commercial reason. The titles are links to the zip files.

Your Friendly Robot Overlords

Modular Spaceship - "Bessie"

Various Little Nasties

These are really easy to cut out and assemble. Just print them on a cardstock that is a bit heavier and use a regular white glue or gluestick. I'll post more if I find them.

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