Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hordes Skorne (ish) Style Terrain - Bloodstone Marches

Hey folks,

I'm pretty much done with some terrain for my home table. Since I'm all excited about the Skorne style the terrain is meant to feel like the Bloodstone Marches, or at least what I think it would look like. Since I haven't tried making terrain for years I used different techniques on pretty much every piece just to see what I'd like, but the colors came out consistent enough for my tastes.

I use white bubbly styrofoam and cardboard because it's free and easily available.
Looking back I'd use MDF for the bases instead of cardboard and foamcore.
The tabletop is the regular 4" square and just painted with the same colors as the terrain. The random smeary spots are where the paint from the terrain washes dripped onto the tabletop as I was working on it. tongue.gif Happy accidents are good.

Other than some more little details I'll probably stop working on it since there are a lot of minis to paint now. smile.gif

Hope you like!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hordes - My New Skorne Collection

My Skorne 01
Originally uploaded by drOffset
This is for the games Warmachine and Hordes by Privateer Press.


Well it's official, I'm a Skorneful guy. A big box of minis arrived in the mail today!

So far I have:

1 Skorne Tyrant Xerxis
1 Skorne Epic Lord Assassin Morghoul
1 Skorne Lord Tyrant Hexeris
1 Skorne Archdomina Makeda

1 Skorne Praetorians Unit
1 Skorne Praetorian Swordsman Officer and Standard Bearer
2 Skorne Praetorian blisters

1 Skorne Ancestral Guardian
1 Skorne Titan Cannoneer
1 Skorne Agonizer
1 Skorne Basilisk Drake
1 Skorne Basilisk Krea
1 Skorne Paingiver Beast Handlers
1 Skorne Paingiver Tormentor and Beast Handlers

* 2 Cyclops Savage
* 1 Titan Gladiator
* 1 pMorghoul
* There's a warpack missing but that's coming next week.

So yeah, whatever Mk2 brings, I'm in it.

This is the first wargame I really try to get into, so hopefully the collection focuses on the basics and throws in a couple of options for small games. Comments and suggestions welcome! I'm probably going to sell some other toys to buy more Skorne next month, lol.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NAND Synth Jam 01

This is a random jam done with a NAND Synth I made with a few modifications to the original circuit. I've added phototransistors in each oscillator's feedback loop and momentary toggle switches that connect to big chunky capacitors to mix it up a bit. The amplifier is a Roland Cube 30 providing some reverb.

I was hoping for a big finish where I disconnect the battery and the thing sits there wailing as it dies out but throwing the power leads around must have shorted them together.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

3 new videos

I've been making a bit of an effor to start doing some youtube stuff.

The Unfinished Project Show 01
I'm doing a series on the stuff I haven't gotten around to finishing, which is quite a bit. Today's episode is all about puppets. I had big plans to do a web series with drama and comedy and various clever things... But it's probably not going to happen so instead you'll see in-progress videos of building the stuff.

Skorne Terrain for Hordes by Privateer Press
I'm getting into the Privateer Press game called Hordes, so I'm building some terrain bits for my home game table. This will also be a progress thread.

How to make wargame terrain from a coffee cup.

Created for the http://www.miniwargaming.com video contest in the how-to category.

This is a video for wargamers to use simple items to make decent terrain features for their game table. Cheap and easy, that's the whole point. It's easy to get a hold of coffee and soft-drink cups, toilet paper tubes, etc and recycling them for making terrain might help build good habits....mainly habits like hoarding piles of toilet paper tubes and empty plastic containers from the trash...um...well maybe talk to an adult about it first.

The coffee cup is a waxy paper that is close enough to plasticard that it will work for detailing building and vehicle panels and creating structures.