Thursday, October 8, 2009

3 new videos

I've been making a bit of an effor to start doing some youtube stuff.

The Unfinished Project Show 01
I'm doing a series on the stuff I haven't gotten around to finishing, which is quite a bit. Today's episode is all about puppets. I had big plans to do a web series with drama and comedy and various clever things... But it's probably not going to happen so instead you'll see in-progress videos of building the stuff.

Skorne Terrain for Hordes by Privateer Press
I'm getting into the Privateer Press game called Hordes, so I'm building some terrain bits for my home game table. This will also be a progress thread.

How to make wargame terrain from a coffee cup.

Created for the video contest in the how-to category.

This is a video for wargamers to use simple items to make decent terrain features for their game table. Cheap and easy, that's the whole point. It's easy to get a hold of coffee and soft-drink cups, toilet paper tubes, etc and recycling them for making terrain might help build good habits....mainly habits like hoarding piles of toilet paper tubes and empty plastic containers from the maybe talk to an adult about it first.

The coffee cup is a waxy paper that is close enough to plasticard that it will work for detailing building and vehicle panels and creating structures.

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