Monday, October 26, 2009

Hordes - My New Skorne Collection

My Skorne 01
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This is for the games Warmachine and Hordes by Privateer Press.

Well it's official, I'm a Skorneful guy. A big box of minis arrived in the mail today!

So far I have:

1 Skorne Tyrant Xerxis
1 Skorne Epic Lord Assassin Morghoul
1 Skorne Lord Tyrant Hexeris
1 Skorne Archdomina Makeda

1 Skorne Praetorians Unit
1 Skorne Praetorian Swordsman Officer and Standard Bearer
2 Skorne Praetorian blisters

1 Skorne Ancestral Guardian
1 Skorne Titan Cannoneer
1 Skorne Agonizer
1 Skorne Basilisk Drake
1 Skorne Basilisk Krea
1 Skorne Paingiver Beast Handlers
1 Skorne Paingiver Tormentor and Beast Handlers

* 2 Cyclops Savage
* 1 Titan Gladiator
* 1 pMorghoul
* There's a warpack missing but that's coming next week.

So yeah, whatever Mk2 brings, I'm in it.

This is the first wargame I really try to get into, so hopefully the collection focuses on the basics and throws in a couple of options for small games. Comments and suggestions welcome! I'm probably going to sell some other toys to buy more Skorne next month, lol.

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