Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hordes Skorne (ish) Style Terrain - Bloodstone Marches

Hey folks,

I'm pretty much done with some terrain for my home table. Since I'm all excited about the Skorne style the terrain is meant to feel like the Bloodstone Marches, or at least what I think it would look like. Since I haven't tried making terrain for years I used different techniques on pretty much every piece just to see what I'd like, but the colors came out consistent enough for my tastes.

I use white bubbly styrofoam and cardboard because it's free and easily available.
Looking back I'd use MDF for the bases instead of cardboard and foamcore.
The tabletop is the regular 4" square and just painted with the same colors as the terrain. The random smeary spots are where the paint from the terrain washes dripped onto the tabletop as I was working on it. tongue.gif Happy accidents are good.

Other than some more little details I'll probably stop working on it since there are a lot of minis to paint now. smile.gif

Hope you like!

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Kutami said...

Nice Terrain for Hordes or Warmachine Tabletop :)