Sunday, February 21, 2010

So what's been going on?

I haven't written anything here in ages. This should catch you up with my awesome progress.

My son is 21 months old now, wow time flies.

Metaplace went down, that's a bummer.

I'm building a DIY analog Drum Synth, follow the progress here:

I'm writing an Intro to Lunetta CMOS synth building document, see the thread here:

I'm into Unity3D now, what a fantastic engine. Imagine if Maya had a game engine built into it. Also joined the very cool community The Unity Artist.

I'm also a beta tester for Stencyl, a really cool 2D game engine that allows easy sharing of assets and code. Jon and the gang at Stencyl are very helpful and really like getting feedback.

I'll probably buy an iPad. I know, I know. This will be the first Apple product I ever own, and I'm hoping it will prove useful to my art and music stuff.

I've gotten into chipmusic and trackers. Currently learning Milkytracker and LSDJ, and joined the online communities at and

I have a Soundcloud account now where you can hear my random experiements in Lunetta world.

I'll probably never go back to Second Life. What awful customer service. I have a fair amount of $lindens in my account and use them to pay the monthly fee. Well I forgot to cash a bit of it in to pay the fee and now the account is locked. Can't get into the website, can't get into SLexchange, nothing. I even called customer service and the guy refused to do anything without a credit card. Linden lab must not think much of their own currency because they didn't want to exchange some to pay their own monthly fee. I apologize to all of my sculpted primitive customers for disappearing but I have no idea what the status of the land or shop items is, and our PMs obviously won't get to me.

Oh yeah and we finished a project at my day job, that was fun.

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