Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Single Board Lunetta

Single Board Lunetta
Originally uploaded by drOffset
Working on a new way of doing things. (New for me at least.) Everything happens on the board itself, and I have several perfboards in this size so the machine can expand. Also for me this kind of build feels tidy and easy to work with.
Sparkfun sells awesome single header female/female wires.

So far it has:
4 oscillators based on 4093
3x 4040 ripple counters
4011 nand
4070 xor
4077 xnor
40106 inverters

To come(for this board)
More logic gates(AND/OR), maybe 4017 and 4018, they do have their uses.

The second board will have shift registers and data selectors, maybe the flip flops if they fit.

And lots of blinking LEDs this time!

Currently thinking about ways to mount it to a blog of wood or something to give it weight.

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