Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Facebook is unsatisfactory for any use.

*Edited to be more politically correct.*

Try removing an application or editing your profile. Try understanding your privacy settings. Have a look at the new default privacy settings for the photo albums of your nearest and dearest and the website will make the argument for me.

That is all.

Check out "Scale of the Universe" on your ipad or iphone.

Check out this very interesting app on your ipad or iphone. Oh wait, you can't, because they're lame and don't support Flash.

This is called "Scale of the Universe" a pretty simple presentation of how everything measures up. Just move the slider and you're up an running.

The link takes you to Newgrounds.

Click Here

Saturday, April 24, 2010

DIY Synth Jam 01

Here are a couple of videos of my machine. The Lunetta is controlling the SN voice via an R/2R and the three DS8s via some little one shots based on XOR gates.

Part 1

The DS8s are using a 386 preamp so you can hear them, and they sound fine now amplitude-wise. I feel like the DS8s sound a bit wimpy though and I think I'm going to remove them from the big setup and into small self contained units, then focus on the Quad BASS++

Part 2, sort of tearing the patch apart, so the SN voice can shine a bit more.

Thanks, more to come.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A bit more

Here's a 6 input mixer based on the Ray Wilson schematic at
6 Channel Mixer

This mixer works beautifully but the only hassle is that it needs a bipolar power supply. So while the Lunetta portion all runs on +5v the synth units need +-15v. So setting up an elegant power distribution thingy is going to be necessary.

Also built a wooden rack frame to house the bigger modules.

Synth iterations

The more I rework the layout the more compact it gets, which is a good thing. Maybe it can be portable at some point.

The SN-Voice and Lunetta are close enough in amplitude to work with the mixer but the DS8s output woefully low levels. They will need their own little mixer and preamp. Good thing I know how to do it now!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

SN-Voice Completed!

Originally uploaded by drOffset
My first proper Voltage Controlled Oscillator, the SN Voice was designed by the great Thomas Henry.

It wasn't that difficult a build, it just took a while to get the hang of the controls.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: New lPad prototype boasts over 30 processors !

In a shocking ploy for attention DrOffset has leaked this photo of a prototype device boasting over 30 Integrated Circuits and a dynamic LED display. This device will rival any other handheld device ever produced in the late 70s and is sarcastically known as....

The L-Pad.

Ok, April Fools. It's just my Lunetta, (and I'm not going to be calling it the L-Pad,) but here's an update on how much it rocks.

I've decided to take a certain concept as far as possible, which is that the board is also the interface. As you know a Lunetta CMOS Synth is a digital noise making tool pioneered by one Stanley Lunetta and developed into amazingly diverse implementations by the members of . I also created and maintain a Google document that details how you (yes, you) can get started building one of these fun thingamajigs.

Here's a close-up of the main section:

Total modules so far:
4x 4093 oscillators hard-wired to 4040s
4x 9039 osc
3x 4040
2x 4011
2x 4015
3x R/2R DAC
2x Melody Gen
Soon to be a melody gen
simple 40106 vco (YAVCO I think)
4 channel mixer (buggy, need to fix it or redo it)
The new expansion board has:
Shift registers
Mux and selectors
FlipFlops and other

Do you want to build one too? Stop by to say hi and have a look at the Intro to Lunettas document!