Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tour of my Lunetta Synth

This is a general overview of what my current setup looks like. By building the patching interface right onto the board I'm able to fit a lot of logic blocks in a very small space.

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Or you can visit the Lunetta forum to find out more.

Also check out the FREE tutorial document at:


~ Numan said...

I want moarrrr! :)

Great stuff Dr. Offset!

drOffset said...

Thanks! I'll do more soon.

Schid said...

I think this video is putting me over the edge... deciding if i should try building this or the MFOS SoundLab. The blinking lights make me lean toward Lunetta!
But... aren't CMOS sensitive to static... isn't there a risk of frying a chip when it's so open like this?

drOffset said...

To be honest I haven't had any issues with static and I've had my hairy mitts all over these chips. The recent releases of these ICs are pretty well protected from misuse, and let me tell you, I misuse these puppies.