Sunday, February 27, 2011

555 Contest Entry

Update: Big thanks to Hack A Day and Matrixsynth for writing this up. :)

This post will serve as my official entry into the 555 timer design contest. More info on the contest can be found at

The project is a sculpture of a creature with the circuit components embedded into the body.

In a post apocalyptic world life takes on new meaning. In an effort to compensate for the lack of food and nutrients some living things integrate electronic components into their organs and tissue. Hearts are replaced with oscillators, eyes with phototransistors, etc.

This is an artifact brought back from an exploratory mission to the blasted planet. It's a kid toy! What you do is capture one of these little bugs, keep it in the dome, then ZAP it with various frequencies to see what it does.

Here is a sampling of images documenting the circuit and build process.

More images are available in the Flickr Set.

555 contest entry block diagram

basic astable oscillators

output node

555 contest entry

555 contest entry


Rob K said...

let it go! LET IT GO!

Set it free, it's barbaric...

but strangely mesmeric.

More power!

More voltage!


Drewbagd said...

Fan friggin tastic my man! Super impressive, I love the analog chaos you've created!

Doug said...

It's a beautiful thing! I love it!

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