Tuesday, May 3, 2011

555 Contest results, Warmachine news, fingerboard funbox mini project.

News for May 2011.

The results are in for the 555 contest. I won second place in the Artistic category! see http://www.555contest.com for a full list of winners.

I'm building a mini synth voice that a friend is designing. See the progress inside.,

There's a new blog on the scene for Warmachine and Hordes players! http://thrallblacks.blogspot.com features the players of New Zealand.

I took fourth in a Warmachine tournament recently running Epic Morghoul. Good times, except for the epic beating I took in the third game.

My friend and I bought some Tech Deck fingerboards to learn some tricks on while on vacation. Instead of practicing I've been building nice sturdy ramps, a pole bank, and a big funbox. I'm also starting to do some custom painted decks.


Chris Spies aka The Circuit Molester said...

Great Site.
i come here mostly for the diy synth stuff but the war gaming post are very cool.
Reminds me of my old D&D hand painted lead figures.
I'm very interested in the new synth project that your friend came up with.
Are there any schematics or anything?
if there are hit me up at
chris_spies at bellsouth dot net
Thanks again
check out my new blog

drOffset said...

Hey thanks for visiting. I wasn't sure how people would react to having the different topics all mixed together, glad you like it. I'm hooked on this game, very fun stuff.

The synth voice is in sort of a beta test kind of situation because the guy might want to release it as a product. I'll get more info out when it's allowed though!

You blog is very cool by the way!