Monday, July 18, 2011

What's your best Mac&Cheese recipe?

We've all seen it, a restaraunt serving up what they CLAIM to be mac&cheese but is actually some kind of bland alfredo mess. Something they CLAIM to be a tasty cheesy sauce but is instead a pale pasty beshamel, more flour than creme, who's only connection to cheese is that it might have sat next to some as it coagulated in the fridge.

Well I say NO to this injustice. Here's the challenge I place before you and myself: Help me right this wrong. Share your best Mac&Cheese recipe with he world. Make it tasty, cheesy, creamy, ooey and gooey.

Thank you.


Went Awer said...

Is my favourite, I change it up a little bit each time. Sometimes with a bit of meat, replace a bit of cheddar with gruyère, or just add some hot sauce, whatever I feel like at the time.

drOffset said...

You are awesome, thanks!