Wednesday, August 10, 2011

15mm Sci-Fi corridor system

I was happy with the results I got from Ponoko with the laser cut gaming proxies and decided to take it a step further.

15mm Corridor System

This is a set of modular corridor tiles for 15mm scale gaming. The tiles are transparent with 20mm squares laser etched into the surface creating just enough contrast and texture to set the spaces apart. Fantasy, scifi, doesn't matter. You can adapt these pieces to any setting.

I plan to adapt the Gruntz rules into a close quarters sci-fi exploration game where brave Grunty dudes have to defend themselves against rogue robots and aggressive aliens.

This set contains all the tiles you need to recreate your favorite game scenarios with plenty of extras.
15mm Corridor System

The tiles can be painted but you can see that I need a bit of practice!
15mm Corridor System

The door stand-ups are constructed from three easy bits.
15mm Corridor System

Here's a layout using almost all of the tiles except a few of the straight ones.
15mm Corridor System


Let me know what you think! Is this something you would find fun to use for gaming? I already have a plan for an expansion set based on wider hallways.


Rich Decibels said...

Right on! Are you going to sell these in the Ponoko showroom? Seems like quite a marketable thing. Man you better look out, you're only a few steps away from the black hole of designing your own board games...

drOffset said...

Cheers man.

I'd like to put it up for sale but it's hard to come up with a price. This is many minutes of cutting time, so the cost to me was about $110.

At the moment I'm happy making accessories for other people's games. :)

Ironmammoth said...

Nice stuff!

I have run a series of posts on my blog about laser cutting for wargaming, so I hope you don't mind if I post a link back to your post!



Crwth said...

Very cool! Too bad about the size (I still use 1" scale), but it's definitely versatile! The transparency allows you to draw on the mat beneath (we currently use a 4'x4' Plexiglas sheet over graph paper, and whiteboard markers), and still see them beneath your tiles.

I definitely say market it; figure out a profit margin you're comfortable with (and since you're happy just doing it for now, that can be low) and let the economy of scale work for you when it becomes hugely popular.

drOffset said...

Ironmammoth - Cool, I like your blog a lot, cheers. :)

Crwth - I started a 1" set but many fewer pieces fit on a sheet, so it was set aside. Thanks for the encouragement!

drOffset said...

I have a feeling that "Many Fewer" may not be grammatically correct, but it should be.

maxmike said...

I think I've just found a way to do my TRON combat game! Thanks!

Travis said...

How long would you say your runtime is for the entire sheet you laid out?

I liked your idea so much I made a tribute to it for my gaming group, all referred to your blog.

The real reason I ask is: I actually re-made it on a CNC router, and though I used 1" squares, my total runtime estimate is about 10-15 minutes.

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