Sunday, November 27, 2011

Building some new terrain bits

I've started building terrain again in preparation for SR2012. I'd like to design some terrain specifically for scenarios so to get into the feel of it I'm starting with some bits and pieces.

Here are some boulders for the recent Domination release events. Aluminium foil plastered and painted. They came out so-so, I'm happy with them. Some standing stone monuments would be good to do this way for obstructions.

Untitled by drOffset, on Flickr

Here are some crates and barrels, the crates are 3/4 inch tall. The barrels will look better when painted(I hope.) Cardboard and sculpey.

Untitled by drOffset, on Flickr

Finally a building made out of foamcore board. I peeled off the paper on the front and sculpted in the detail into the foam. I like it but might try a different approach.  It's based off of a picture in Prime MKII.

Untitled by drOffset, on Flickr

So yeah, i'll eventually do a sort of urban styled table with an eye towards the scenario measurements. So if there's an 8" circle as part of the scenario I'll have some terrain bits modeled up on an 8" circular base of a fountain or oil derrek or something.

Here's what the SR2011 field looks like all together. I see sidewalks and fountains in it, maybe some park areas, still thinking about it.

Warmachine Steamroller 2011 scenario thing by drOffset, on Flickr

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Draal said...

Love the detail in the crates and barrels! And that house looks cool too