Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Free Download - 15mm Corridor Tiles!

Because I'd love to see the 15mm scale sci-fi community grow I decided to go ahead and share this file for free.

Here is the eps file that you can use to laser cut the full set of 15mm scale corridors.

The file is in their system and it's all ready to send to cut, just set your preferred cutting location in your account settings and material and it's ready to go.  Cutting/material/shipping/tax comes to about 100 US dollars. 

I've optimized the file as much as possible but it's quite a lot of cutting lines and it attempts to make use of all of the real estate.  I couldn't make it any cheaper but the file is there if you have your own way to do it.

Here's a video about it!


I'm releasing this file with a Creative Commons licence in the hope that people will customize the design and share it along for everyone.  The file lives on the Ponoko website because they have a great service that is availlable in the US, Europe, and here in New Zealand.  No I don't work for them.

I'll repost the previous images so that you can see what you get.

15mm Corridor System

The door stand-ups are constructed from three easy bits.
15mm Corridor System

Here's a layout using almost all of the tiles except a few of the straight ones.
15mm Corridor System


Let me know what you think!

If you have it in your heart to donate minis or moneys to me I'd appreciate it.


The miniature shown in these images are by Rebel Minis.  I did not create this miniature, no IP infringement is intended.


Ironmammoth said...

I use a laser cutter in my workshop. I've downloaded your file and will have play around with it.

If I manage to develop anything worthwhile out of it I will let you know.


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