Friday, February 17, 2012

Scratch Building some 15mm Vehicles from random junk.

I'm putting together some 15mm scale sci-fi vehicles to play Gruntz with.  Money is tight these days so I raided the bits box for ideas.  Here are some works in progress.  The figure is from

Here's a spiderbot made from a thumbtack, an electronic connector, a plastic fork and a button from a toy music keyboard.

This was my first attempt at a grav tank.  Plastic knives, a plastic picture hanging hook, and a flat bottomed spoon meant for wontons I think.  Two weapon options, a big cannon made from some tubing thing I found and a dual laser made from an electronic connector and bits from an irrigation system.

This is a nice little fast attack grav thing, mostly surplus electronics bits and connectors.  I like connectors.  The wings are made from the black keys on that toy keyboard.

These aren't dont yet but I'll show them anyway.  More electronics bits, I'm hoping that with a lot more bits and some grey spray primer it will all come together.  

The way i'm approaching it is to glue together bit chunky bits that give an overall look, then smaller bits for details.  Next I'll glue on paneling and some really tiny bits for more detail.

I'll be using the white keys to make a 15mm APC and some 6mm scale tanks, more later.

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