Saturday, June 16, 2012

NaGaDeMo Mid Month Progress

This month is flying by but I do think some good progress has been made.  The game is in a working state and while it sill has issues most of the core parts are there.

It has to be said, you can read about game design and development as long as you like but I'm learning so many things by actually doing it that I never saw coming.  Dealing with UI,  managing the flow of the game, and sequencing the specific order of enemy spawns...

There are still many features to implement, mainly powerups and a lot more levels.  A pause screen would be nice.

I would like to go back and rewrite the thing from scratch now that I understand a bit more about the process but I think that might get me bogged down in looking backwards.  The strategy at this point is to get a complete experience done so that I can make the 3D characters and animate.

Pipe cleaner is a game inspired by the classic game Tempest.  This game has only one level, and your task is to stop hordes of aliens from getting into your ship through a tunnel.

You're here for the game, so here it is!

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Chris Smith said...

Wow! Excellent job, man! The game didn't have any issues that I could see (except that I let too many bugs by XD) Ran smooth and everything.

Unknown said...

Wicked game. Good work – bit challenging, but nothing I can't handle with a bit of practice. Bring 'em on!

Sergio Gonzalez said...

Thanks guys, the posts are motivating. 10 more days to go!