Wednesday, June 6, 2012

National Game Development Month

There comes a time when you have to just get started and do it.
There comes a time when you have to realize that yes, you are ready to make a video game.  Enough tutorials, enough planning.  Time to do something about it.

Too Deep?  Not really, just psyching myself up for the National Game Development Month taking place right now.

Similar to National Novel Writing Month, this event is all about making the best game you possibly can during the month of June.  It's not a contest, there are no prizes.  The winners are the people who complete their game.

And that's the trick, isn't it?  Completing the game.

It's one thing to get a demo prototype up and running, I've done a lot of that, but there's a fair bit more involved in completing the game.  Main menu, scoring, proper level design and flow.

I'm using the beautiful Unity3D platform for this.  I work in Maya for a living and if you take Maya and add a game engine to it, you have Unity.  Love it.

By the way I'm available for freelance 3D work...

It's like a game jam, but you don't have to kill yourself for a weekend to get something out.  It's similar to the fantastic 48 Hour Film festival which I have been a part of twice.  I had a great time and then slept for two days because it's a freaking ton of work to smash into a weekend.

This time I have a month.  I like this.  I'm making great progress too, but that's a story for the next article.

For more info about the event check this link.

You can see plenty of Twitter buzz about this event with this link.

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